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Monday, August 31, 2009

On being Roamadic ...

If you're not insecure about your long term career options ... you must already be a "Roamad" at heart. Corporate "downsizing" and "redistributing of reponsibility" is assuring you're doing more in the same time ... and if you aren't using mobile tech ... well, we hope your office has a comfy couch to sleep on.

The term "road warrior" feels painfully out of place as we stand shoeless and stripped of all metal as we pass through security at nameless airports ... but we are fierce road nomads (ie; Roamads) as we choose new tech to ease our overburdened lifestyles.

From telecommuting to new methods of mobile media production ... the ground under our feet is moving. In film, it's not just production that's going mobile, the theater itself is going mobile. Understanding that experiencing film is NOT just about renting DVDs and watching at home (even if you have a 60" HDTV!) ...

As a kid growing up in remote parts of the Andes, I recall fondly the small darkened rooms where we could go on Saturdays and not just see a movie (usually 12-20 years out of current release) ... but experience the enjoyment of talking to others and feeling a part of the performance. The flickering light of the projector somehow spoke it's own language which we all understood beyond the subtitles.

Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins have put just such a cinematic experience on the road in the Highlands of Scotland. Believing that there is still magic in movies, Tilda and crew "are going to pull a 37 tonne cinema on wheels across it, from its crashing Atlantic waves to the dolphins of the Moray Firth. We’ll get hot and sweaty, or drenched with rain, and bitten by midges, and we might get blisters on our fingers and toes, but we’ll show flickering, splendid dream movies as we go, in a cockeyed caravan, like clowns or dafties, or kids...".

Just wish I could held pull for this cause in person. If you happen to be lucky enough to be in the Scottish Highlands, do check them out ... and pull a little!

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