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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Time to Dream ... of something better.

"Life is full of Trials ... with an occasional conviction"
Sir Thomas Dewar was way ahead of his time a flair for summarizing the important in deadly one-liners. With all that's going on economically and politically, this may be a good time to revisit the spirit of his good humored wisdom even if not imbibing his "spirits" to do so. (Though a wee dram has been occasionally known to assist).

"It's a wicked world, that's why nobody wants to leave." With all our financial moaning we are quickly losing sight of a key fundamental ... money and happiness are not one and the same. In an age of invention, with devices in our hands not even dreamed of in Sci-Fi a few decades ago ... most of us still don't have a clue how to be "content". Not wildly ectatic, not even completely happy ... just being content with life. We put our sense of direction into material rewards and measure ourselves like a racehorse, then agonize over the resulting disappointment rather than the ground gained.The need for expectation management has been a big part of my role in life, both with clients and friends ... and I have needed a lot of help here too. It is really hard to moderate one's own sense of success or failure. We need friends who are honest and real. "Don't question your wife's judgment. Look who she married."

So grab you friends, family and co-workers and tell them the truth. It's not about money, big houses, fast cars and gadgets ... its about living each day as though it were your last. Yeah, you've heard that one before, but did you ever really listen and understand? Those who have had near death experiences are changed forever.

It's time to stop looking at what divides us as people, families, political parties, countries ... it's time to start Dreaming and taking the small daily steps that make Dreams come to life. The world needs more Dreamers ... so join us here. Put down the financial reports, bills, news and editorials. Reach out to your closest friends in need and tell them you're there. Help a stranger. Write something down. Read you kids a book ... or maybe just talk to them for a change. Let yourself Dream ... and to all Americans, by all means VOTE from your heart!

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