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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Flaming Nazi Gasbags

What's the difference between the Hindenberg and Rush Limbaugh? One is a flaming Nazi gasbag and the other was a zeppelin. In his latest pathetic, Vicodin-inspired rant, Rush claims to be the UberPodFuhrer.

From Frank Barnako @; "In a posting on his Web log, Rush Limbaugh disputed the Apple founder's statement that podcasting is the hottest thing in radio. Limbaugh countered: "I am the hottest thing in podcasting." Limbaugh has begun offering podcasts of programs to subscribers of his online fan club. "This program is the hottest thing in podcasting," he claimed."

Sadly there are no spam filters that can stifle Rush except the Power Off switch ... and as P T Barnum noted, "No one ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public", an adage sadly proven all too true by Limbaugh’s success. Fortunately, his penchant for hypocrisy, paranoia and self-serving bluster should prove a self-eliminating problem solver.

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